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These photographs were created holding a big warped piece of glass in front of the lens.I was in Fodele, Al Greco's home village.I was making homage to the artist and I was also planning on imitating his work via the camera,I just didn't know how. An hour later after adorning his statue in the village with a few wild flowers I discovered my method of imitating the master.The glass I used as an adjustable lens which distorted with every slight bit of movement. Very heavy and difficult the results were one in 36.Here are some of my favorites. The people from Crete also admired them very much as a creative aspect to regular documentary photography.

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Photographs pretending to be El Greco's paintings

I went to Crete for the first time with Byron Ayanoglu who was writing "Crete on the Half-Shell" for Harper Collins.
I decided to go along on the 6 month or so adventure for a number of reasons. Firstly discover what I could about the Minotar and his liar in the labyrinth. Zeus who was born on the island and Domenicos Theotokopoulos better known as El greco was born here and it was his style of painting that interested me so much that I decided to try to imitate it. On the third day on the isalnd I arrived to stay at his birthplace village Fodele and immediately made homage to his statue. Asking if he would collaborate with me and use my body and skills as a photographer to further his vision. A hour later I found my method of making these images and it was a huge piece of warped glass that I would very difficultily hold in front of the lens. The results were about 1 picture in about 36 attempts. After I made the images and developed the film there I gave prints to those who I had made images with. They loved the work and their appreciation of photography in such a moving and vibrant way .They have been published in PHOTOgraphos Magazine in Greece and Yankee Magazine in the USA.

Photographs of Crete by Al Greco